Romi Myers

São Paulo, Brazil 1974


I <3 art + design. Plain and simple. 

My name is Romi (pronounced “row + me). I am a digital pop artist + NFT artist under mundo_da_romi.  Born 1974 in São PauloBrazil. I am of Japanese +Italian origins, based in miami, FL, USA since August 2021.  Portuguese for, “romi’s world”, the name is inspired by where I come from, and how I Interpret my world as a visual artistAfter graduating  from the Florida State University In 1998. I moved to seattle, Washington to pursue my interior design career, where I spent 22 years. 

My artwork grants mw the freedom of imperfection through organic free forms, where my design work alows me the continuous search for perfection. All my art pieces are heavily influenced by my synesthesia, a neurological condition where I see numbers + letters in color by creating unexpected color compositions. I am obsessed with creating colorful, playful art pieces that are inquisitive to the human spirit.


This is how “my emojions” series was born. The perfect blend between “emojis” + “emotions”.

My current goal is to create 222 pieces associated with “my emojions”. I want to capture the essence of society in a light spirited way through our connection + play with the ubiquitous emoji. The number “222” comes from my fascination with numerology. It is commonly associated with creativity + good fortune + life balance.


Takashi Murakami’s Superflat Movement has been a huge influence on my body of work. I have created what I refer to as, “superflat sparkle”, where I add subtle finishing touches through a variety of mixed media, giving each art piece an added moment of serendipity for those who gaze upon it.


In 2022, I began to incorporate augmented reality activation onto many of my pieces via ArtiviveApp. (A free app for anyone to download onto any smartphone) Because sustainability is also an important factor to who I am as a digital artist + small business owner, most of my pieces are produced on archival quality fine art paper derived from bamboo, for its rapidly renewable qualities, and I donate 10% of sales towards planting trees as my commitment of bringing more innovation + awareness to our environmental impact on the planet.´


Mar. 2022 Superfine Art Fair Miami Beach | Florida USA


Apr. 2022 Creative Owls Showcase | Web 3 | Metaverse


Aug. 2022 ARTBOX.PROJECTS ZURICH 4.0 Zurich | Switzerland


Sept. 2022 Focus Art Fair Paris France


Dec. 2022 | Spectrum Miami Miami | Florida USA


Feb. 2023 | Superfine Art Fair Miami | Florida USA


Mar – June 2023 | Gallery 13 Aloft Art Exhibition | St. Paul Minnesota | USA


April 2023 | Colour Senses Project Innovation | Miami | Florida USA



May 2023 | Colour Senses Project Coincidence | Miami | Florida USA


Media +Publication

June 2022 | Not Real Art Los Angeles | California USA 


July 2022 | Redwood Art Group | Look Book | Summer 2022 | Miami | Florida USA


July 2022  | Not Real Art Los Angeles | California USA 


Feb. 2023 | TopoChicoUSA | Wearable Art Collaboration | Miami | Florida USA


May 2023 | Miami Herald Miami | Florida USA


June 2023 | VoyageMia Magazine Miami | Florida USA

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