Juan Rubia


Madrid, Spain

Juan Rubia was born in and is in resident in Madrid, Spain. The people that know him used to say that he needed to choose the kind of sculpture that identifies him. However, he always responded by saying “Life is a variety of things. That he did not like want to label himself , because he rather investigate make the forms that inspire his life. 

He studied photography and work with video for a duration of his life. Meanwhile he was dedicated in constructing metal forms for important companies. In 2022he decided to pursue his real passion and applied to the art fair of “Artist 360” that in fact he was of the ten that were selected to exhibit in the hall of the Hilton Castellana Hotel. He also exhibited his pieces in the art exhibit of “Bada” in Madrid, Spain  in May of the same year.

This year he will be work the whole year with a gallery in central Madrid. Also he has returned to participate in Artist 360 with another proposal.     

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