José María Lamo De Espinosa


Madrid, Spain 1953

My relationship with photography began in 1973. From then until 2021, I decided to leave the environment of my computer and make my work known. Thus in May 2022 my first collective exhibition. A unique and suggestive experience that encourages me to continue along the path I have started. Since then there have been three more group exhibitions and one individual (Sept 2023). Like every human being, I am an accumulation of experiences, mixing in my case the facets of son, father, husband, friend, economist, half lawyer, half businessman, cook, photographer and….artist? Well yes…artist. I didn’t realize that until recently.

I have always been a voyeur, an observer. I like to look, see, find something beautiful, harmonious, ugly, shocking, soft, rough, surprising. Something that catches my attention. Seeing what no one sees is art, a craft, a passion, a hobby, an illusion. Search for what is in front of us but no one sees….that’s an art. Add value to an unimportant image that goes unnoticed, it’s an art. 

In my case using photography. It is said that the photo is a faithful reflection of reality. Could not be farther from the truth. Sometimes yes sometimes no. Most of the time not. There are always factors that change the image creating a new reality, a new world, as the painter does. Painting and photography tell realities using different paths, techniques, and points of view. I’ve always liked the second one. And when you have the work in front of you, you realize that you have been excited like a child while producing the work. You realize that your relationship with Production of the work is partly like a game.

And why black and white in a world full of color? “When you photograph a person in color, you photograph his clothes, when you photograph a person in black and white you photograph his soul (TED GRANT)” Because in black and white the idea behind the image is better appreciated. Color generates a lot of noise, adds sometimes superfluous information, disturbs, diverts the attention. However, sometimes it is essential, such as in advertising. From my point of view, black and white photography is to painting as poetry is to literature. It is the summary, the extract, the synthesis.

Group Exhibitions

May 2022|Bada Madrid|Madrid|Spain| Europe 

Feb. 2023|Artist 360º|Madrid|Spain|Europe  

May 2023|Galeria Lanza|Madrid|Spain|Europe 

Sept. 2023|Galeria Lanza|Madrid|Spain|Europe


March 2024|SALON DES ARTISTES FRANÇAIS|Paris|France|Europe

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