Howard Gonzalez's Artwork

Havana, Cuba 1985


Howard Gonzalez is much more than a visual artist. The diversity and vividness of his works reflect the years lived by this artist of Cuban origin but raised in Miami in the 90s.


The eyes of his portraits speak for themselves, transmitting to his spectators feelings that range from pain to joy, through doubt and despair.


Howard Gonzalez, in addition to being a plastic artist, is the founder and owner of Arte Domain, founded in 2021 But the idea came to life on October of 2011 with the goal of bringing art to all types of people, whether they are uncertain about art or whether they are experts in it.


Arte Domain is a transgressor in its field, representing artists from countries such as Spain, Japan,  Brazil, and Venezuela in Miami. There is no wall that can stop the career of this entrepreneurial company.

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