Alfred Barranco

Hi, my name is Alfred119 (Alfredo Barranco). I was born in Venezuela, in a city called Valencia,

where the colors and concrete share the space between the mountains and chaos. This is where

my artistic journey began, as a creative child who drew and painted everything around him,

everything that life threw at him, and all that he could imagine.

By the time I was 8, I had created a world of lines and colors within the four walls of my bedroom.

Only my family and close friends knew about it and about my passion for art, which grew day by day

influenced by punk music, pop art and graffiti.

As time went passed, I started diving into design and advertisement. In my early 20s, I founded my

own business, which allowed me to combine art and design and create mixed media projects for

small and large companies in Venezuela, and Miami, where I migrated to with my family when I

turned 30.

Since 2016, I’ve concentrated my efforts in developing and giving life to my artistic dreams. I have

had the opportunity to exhibit my work at multiple galleries in Miami, painted a variety of indoor

and outdoor murals, and developed different projects in multiple formats and media, ranging from

commissioned works to digital imagery, merchandise, and others.

The streets of Winter Garden and Orlando, where I reside with my family since 2019,

At present for this 2023 I live in the city of Clermont .

I continue working hard to bring a unique proposition and cement my place in Florida’ s

artistic scene with my murals, exhibitions, and projects. I like to think that my mission is to bring art

and color everywhere… take any space, fill it with love and the essence that makes us human.

Thanks for your time and for helping me keep the dream alive,

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